List of Government Funded Traineeships Courses

Queensland Government subsidises training cost for eligible Queensland trainees. Traineeships training program provides full flexibility for trainees to select preferred registered training organisation (RTO) like Business Success Group to deliver nationally recognised and accredited training course. Earn while you learn.

List of Traineeship Training Courses:

  • BSB20115 Certificate II in Business
  • ICT20115 Certificate II in Information, Digital Media & Technology
  • SIR20212 Certificate II in Retail Services
  • BSB30115 Certificate III in Business
  • BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration General
  • BSB31015 Certificate III in Business Administration Legal
  • BSB31115 Certificate III in Business Administration Medical
  • BSB30815 Certificate III in Recordkeeping
  • SIR30212 Certificate III in Retail
  • ICT30115 Certificate III in Information, Digital Media & Technology
  • Certificate IV in Digital Media Technologies
Traineeship Course Cost $1.60 / nominal hour: Concessional 40% discount.*

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Government Funded Online Courses For Queenslanders
Government funded traineeship courses leads to employment, job outcomes and career development
*Eligible rules apply
Business Success Group (BSG) established in 1993, as leading registered training organisation RTO delivering cost effective, nationally accredited, online vocational education, traineeships and government funded training.

BSG Training Team aims to deliver Flexible Learning approach:
E-learning, Online, Webinar / Skype or Face to Face, Material stored in cloud, access available 24x7 via portal and NBN Facilities, Flexible and responsive learning approach – tell us your needs and we can deliver.