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The traineeship system before 16 April 2018, previously school-based trainees were governed by the Further Education and Training Act 2014. Under that Act, the Chief Executive identified an organization as being either a Group Training Organization or a Principal Employer Organization for engagement of trainees. The Youth Connections Group was not recognized by the Chief Executive as either of those two bodies and was therefore not a Labour Hire Organization.

Although Youth Connections Group was the employer and organized for trainees to be placed with host employers, it did not breach the Act as it never charged a host employer for the services of the provision of a trainee. As you can see from material provided, the Act changed effective 16 April 2018 with new definitions and therefore Youth Connections Group was not able to claim the same gap in the legislation as previously available to it.

There has been no "extension", "continuation of their Labour Hire status" as they were never a registered Labour Hire Provider. They cannot claim the beneficial aspects of the new Act which is why they are being replaced as the Employer, as they are no longer eligible to be employer of a trainee.

The web page we have linked you to from our website also enables you to ring the Department and ask questions accordingly, should you be receiving this information regarding their status and need additional information.

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Message from Mr Barista Coffee

Mr Barista Coffee

The Business Success group has given me the skills to finally reach my destiny of owning my own mobile coffee business.

I finished a three week course in small business with BSG and almost immediately started running my mobile coffee van with excellent favour and success.

BSG has given me the skills to go after my dreams and succeed in them.

I have serviced many schools, sporting events and even celebrities like Australian Olympic Volleyball Gold medalist Natalie Cook, Brisbane Roar Goalkeeper Michael Theo and many other sporting celebrities.

Thank you BSG for the opportunities I would recommend BSG to anyone who is willing to go after their dreams and make them a reality!

Roy Mignemi.