ICT30118 Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology

Course Information: ICT30118 Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a wide range of general information and communications technology (ICT) technical functions and to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency as an advanced ICT user. Persons working at this level will support information technology activities in the workplace across a wide range of ICT areas, including technical support, network administration, web technologies, software applications and digital media technologies.
Nominal Hours: 565
Part Time Duration: 24 months
Full Time Duration: 12 months
Minimum Units: 17
Select Stream:

SequenceUnit CodeUnit NameNominal Hours
 ICTWEB201Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement20
 ICTICT306Migrate to new technology20
 ICTWEB303Produce digital images for the web30
 ICTNWK301Provide network systems administration 
 ICTICT307Customise packaged software applications for clients 
1BSBWHS304Participate effectively in WHS communication and consultation processes30
2BSBSUS401Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
3ICTICT202Work and communicate effectively in an ICT environment40
4ICTICT301Create user documentation20
5ICTICT302Install and optimise operating system software20
6ICTSAS308Run standard diagnostic tests 
7ICTICT203Operate application software packages60
8ICTICT304Implement system software changes40
9ICTICT308Use advanced features of computer applications 
10ICTNWK302Determine and action network problems50
11ICTNWK304Administer network peripherals20
12ICTICT303Connect internal hardware components20
13ICTSAS303Care for computer hardware20
14ICTSAS304Provide basic system administration20
15ICTSAS305Provide ICT advice to clients40
16ICTSAS306Maintain equipment and software20
17BSBEBU401Review and maintain a website50

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