PSP60112 Advanced Diploma of Government

Course Information: This qualification covers the competencies required for work in the public sector which is autonomous and often non routine. The qualification is targeted at those who enter the public sector with another qualification as well as those progressing within the sector. It is generalist in nature to suit the requirements of working in small or regionally based organisations or where responsibilities are diverse in nature rather than within a narrow specialisation. There will be management or guidance of others without the role being that of a specialist manager, which is catered for in the Advanced Diploma of Government (Management).
Nominal Hours: 850
Part Time Duration: 48
Full Time Duration: 24
Minimum Units: 15
Select Stream:

Unit CodeUnit Name
PSPETHC601BMaintain and enhance confidence in public service
PSPLEGN601BManage compliance with legislation in the public sector
PSPMNGT605BManage diversity
PSPPOL603AManage policy implementation
PSPOHS602AManage workplace safety
PSPGOV601BApply government systems
PSPGOV602BEstablish and maintain strategic networks
PSPMNGT603BFacilitate people management
PSPMNGT611AManage evaluations
PSPMNGT615AInfluence workplace effectiveness
PSPMNGT602BManage resources
PSPMNGT609BFormulate business strategies
PSPMNGT703ALead and influence change
PSPMNGT608BManage risk
PSPMNGT610AManage public sector financial resources