BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration

Course Information: BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration applies to a range of administrative roles in varied contexts. Individuals in these positions use some discretion and judgement and may provide technical advice and support to a team. Government funding Business Administration training course available via Certificate 3 Guarantee or traineeship programs. This incentive will reduce course cost for individuals or to business.
Nominal Hours: 1730
Part Time Duration: 12 months
Full Time Duration: 6 months
Minimum Units: 13
Select Stream:

Unit CodeUnit Name
BSBSUS201Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
BSBINN201Contribute to workplace innovation
BSBWOR204Use business technology
BSBWOR203Work effectively with others
BSBCMM201Communicate in the workplace
BSBCMM401Make a presentation
TAEDEL402Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
BSBCUS301Deliver and monitor a service to customers
BSBITU305Conduct online transactions
BSBITU303Design and produce text documents
BSBITU304Produce spreadsheets
BSBADM311Maintain business resources
BSBFLM303Contribute to effective workplace relationships
BSBCMM301Process customer complaints
BSBFIA301Maintain financial records
CHCDIV001Work with diverse people
BSBDIV301Work effectively with diversity
BSBITU302Create electronic presentations
BSBPRO301Recommend products and services
BSBFIA302Process payroll
BSBFIA303Process accounts payable and receivable
BSBFIA304Maintain a general ledger
BSBADM302Produce texts from notes
BSBADM303Produce texts from audio transcription
BSBADM405Organise meetings
BSBWHS401Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements
BSBFLM312Contribute to team effectiveness
BSBINN301Promote innovation in a team environment
BSBPUR301Purchase goods and services
TAEDEL301Provide work skill instruction
BSBINM201Process and Maintain workplace information
BSBADM101Use Business Equipment and Resources
BSBITU301Create and use databases
BSBITU315Purchase goods and services online
BSBITU311Use simple relational databases
FNSFLT201Develop and use a personal budget
BSBWOR201Manage personal stress in the workplace
FNSFLT205Develop knowledge of the Australian financial system and markets
BSBITU307Develop keyboarding speed and accuracy
BSBWHS201Contribute to health and safety of self and others
BSBADM307Organise schedules
BSBITU313Design and produce digital text documents
BSBITU314Design and produce spreadsheets
BSBITU306Design and produce business documents
BSBWRT301Write simple documents
BSBITU312Create electronic presentations
BSBITU309Produce desktop published documents
BSBWOR301Organise personal work priorities and development
BSBINM301Organise workplace information
BSBINM302Utilise a knowledge management system
BSBINM303Handle receipt and despatch of information