BSB10115 Certificate I in Business

Course Information: BSB10115 Certificate I in Business or entry level qualification allows individuals across a variety of industry sectors to develop basic skills and knowledge to prepare for work. They may undertake a range of simple tasks under close supervision. The range of technical skills and knowledge is limited. No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.
Nominal Hours: 315
Part Time Duration: 12 months
Full Time Duration: 6 months
Minimum Units: 6
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Unit CodeUnit Name
BSBITU202Create and use spreadsheets
BSBITU201Produce simple word processed documents
ICTICT101Operate a personal computer
BSBITU211Produce digital text documents
BSBITU212Create and use spreadsheets
BSBLED101Plan skills development
BSBWHS201Contribute to health and safety of self and others
BSBSUS201Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
BSBWOR202Organise and complete daily work activities
BSBIND201Work effectively in a business environment
BSBWOR203Work effectively with others
BSBADM101Use Business Equipment and Resources