Non-Trade Traineeships Training

Created Date: 10/02/2017

Growth in non-trade traineeships:

New data released September 2016 indicates 4.6% growth in number of Australian commencing traineeships in non-trade occupations or professions such as: business, administration (general, legal or medical), retail, recordkeeping, ICT / IT Information Digital Media and Technology. Non-trade traineeships training consists of job roles primary based in office which assist running of your business. Businesses link with registered training provider who develop traineeship training plan or program and match training plan with individual or business goals or requirements.

Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, the Hon Karen Andrews MP said the latest data published by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) shows recent growth in non-trade apprenticeships and traineeships.

“This result indicates people continue to get the benefit of learning on-the-job as an apprentice or trainee,” Minister Andrews said.

List of non-trade Traineeship Certifications, Qualifications, Occupations and Training Courses.

Business Success Group most popular online courses covers range of duties to efficiently run your business, bring new skills into the business, prevent future skills shortages, access to government funding, incentives and rebates (eligible rules apply).

  1. Business
  2. Business Administration (general, legal or medical)
  3. Recordkeeping
  4. Retail
  5. ICT – information technology and digital media
Traineeships training fees from $1.60 / nominal hour.

How to hire non-trade trainee:

Choosing the right apprenticeship or traineeship for your business means:

  • Deciding what the job entails
  • Identifying skills required to perform the job
  • Determining whether the employee needs to be full-time, part-time or school-based trainee.

How to choose your training organisation:

In conjunction with apprenticeship or traineeship centre, business and your apprentice or trainee will choose a registered training organisation (RTO) training provider who will:

  • help you and your apprentice or trainee develop a training plan which outlines when your apprentice or trainee will need to learn and when, and how it will be delivered and assessed
  • provide your apprentice or trainee with a training record to document their training
  • deliver training and assess your apprentice or trainee's achievement of skills
  • issue a qualification to the apprentice or trainee on successful completion of training.
As a RTO Business Success Group provides cost effective training solutions. At BSG no additional out of pocket training fees are charged. Meaning under User Choice Program Queensland Government advertised rate of $1.60 per nominal hour is training cost. e.g. if total course nominal hours equal 400 hours, 400 x 1.60 = $640 non-concessional, concessional receive 40% discount = $256.
  • Non-concessional - training fee of $1.60 / nominal hour of each unit
  • Concessional – discounted training fee of 40% of the nominal student fees
Additional information can be found at: or or speak to qualified representative 1300 666 612.

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