Five ways to boost attraction, retention and performance of Millennials

Created Date: 12/12/2016


  • Seeing life as a marathon rather than a sprint
  • Finding work opportunities you are passionate about and fascinated by
  • Viewing frustrations as part of the process


  • Ability to bounce back in the face of adversity
  • Choosing a problem-solving mind-set
  • Accepting that things will go wrong


  • Investing in developing meaningful workplace relationships
  • Providing constant feedback, communication and opportunities for growth
  • Committing to weekly time with your employees


  • Noticing the feelings and emotions experienced by others
  • Acting on what you observe in other people
  • Taking time to observe how your employees might be feeling


  • Generating ideas and behaviours that are new and novel
  • Findings ways to use technology differently to improve business processes
  • Discovering ways to do the same tasks more effectively or efficiently

Workshop Idea: Aim to sit down with staff, perhaps shout them a coffee and discuss new ideas they currently see to improve business processes. This way they feel valued, engaged, productivity and ROI will substantially increase.

Material supplied by Apprentice Support Australia